1. Publicity Secretary –           (Chairman)
  2. Legal Adviser –           (Member)
  3. Alhaji H. O. Yusuf –           Ibadan One Society (Member)
  4. Femi Oladipupo –           Ibadan Club 2005 (Member)
  5. Bola Joseph –           Ibadan Mothers of Peace & Progress (Member)
  6. Paul Akano –           The Royal Group (Member)
  7. Seye Ogunsina –           Ibadan Progressive Union (Member)
  8. Barrister Soladoye Adewole –           Oluyole Social Elite (Member)
  9. Alhaji Bashiru Akanni –           Oke’Badan Club (Member)
  10. Deacon Bayonle Adewuyi –           Oke’Badan Club (Member)
  11. 1st Assistant Secretary General –           (Secretary)
  12. Chief Sola Oyegbemi                         –           President General’s Adviser


Duties of Editorial Committee – Economic

  • To advise on publications for the CCII;
  • To perform such other functions that may be referred to it by the General Assembly or the Executive Council
  • Upgrade CCII Newsletter to Ibadan News, Magazine
  • Finance the Publication through Corporate Adverts employ 2 Ladies as Adverts Marketers
  • Print 2018 Calendars on Ibadan 1st, Indicate LG of location, put photo of LG Chairman, put affiliate Clubs names, Presidents name, make clubs to book in advance
  • Put the quotation of “Ogboju Ode” page 57 and J.P. Clarks poem Ibadan as backdrops in “Bode Amao Hall.