• Main Committee
  1. Bisi Sanda –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Secretary General –           (Member)
  3. Alhaji Bayo Lasisi             –           Omo Ajegbinyo Club (Member)
  4. Prof Remi Akinade                         –           Oluyole Club Lagos (Member)
  5. TPL Duro Ogunsesan –           IDU, UI/Poly (Member)
  6. Pharmacist Remi Ajuwon –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  7. Col. Engr. Lere Latinwo –           Ibadan Action Council (Member)
  8. Pastor Bayo Olugbemi –           Jericho Businessmen Club (Member)
  9. 1st Asstistant Secretary General –           (Secretary)
  10. Kunle Iyanda –           President General’s Adviser
  11. Alhaji Kunmi Olayiwola –           President General’s Adviser


  • Sub-Committee

Research and Planning

  1. Stephen Ogunrinde –           Oluyole Club Lagos (Chairman)
  2. Mobolaji Ajani –           The Ibadan Patriot  (Member)
  3. Alhaji Wasiu Tiamiyu –           The Royal Group (Member)
  4. Niyi Ali –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. Alhaji Remi Ajani –           Ibadan Club 25 (Member)


Development Finance

  1. Tunde Fasina –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Wareez Alli –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  3. Alhaji Ademola Ogunsesan             –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  4. Morufu Oladejo             –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. Bello Kolawole Ghafar –           Adaba Oluyole Club (Member)
  6. Muhammed Sesan M. –           Adaba Oluyole Club (Member)
  7. Lawal I.A. –           Adaba Oluyole Club (Member)
  8. Badmos K. Ismail –           Adaba Oluyole Club (Member)
  9. Quadri Bayo Muiz –           Adaba Oluyole Club (Member)


Economic Summit/ TradeFair

  1. D.G. Adebisi –           Ibadan Club 2005 (Chairman)
  2. Wole Amusan –           Ibadan Solidarity Group(Member)
  3. Gboyega Sanni –           Lagelu ‘16’ Club  (Member)
  4. Akogun Segun Obe –           Oluyole Social Elite (Member)
  5. Olaolu Adetunji –           Ibadan Unique Friendship Club (Member)
  6. Segun Ajeigbe –           Ibadan Unique Friendship Club (Member)
  7. R.G. Folarin –           Ibadan Unique Friendship Club (Member)
  8. Chief A.G. Alao –           Omo Ajegbinyo Club (Member)


Business and Industrial Development

  1. Moses Gbade Ojo –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. E.A. Adegun –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  3. Akinyemi Akintunde –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  4. Niyi Ali –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. S.O. Oke –           Ibadan Reformed Elite Solidarity South/East (Member)
  6. F.O. Raji –           Ibadan Reformed Elite Solidarity South/East (Member)
  7. Olawale A.I. –           Ibadan Reformed Elite Solidarity South/East (Member)
  8. Alhaji B.A. Akinola –           Ido Local Government Descendant Union (Member)
  9. S.A. Okeleye –           Ido Local Government Descendant Union (Member)


Government Projects Monitoring

  1. Aare Wale Kolapo (LLB) –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Gboyega Oyewo –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  3. Saheed Adetunmibi –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  4. Prince Osuolale Asanike             –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. Kayode Adeleke –           Lagelu ‘16’ Club(Member)
  6. Segun Akindele                         –           Lagelu ‘16’ Club(Member)
  7. Niyi Akangbe –           Lagelu ‘16’ Club(Member)


Employment Facilitation

  1. Bayo Adeyemi –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Chief Olasunkade Azeez –           Omo Ajorosun Club (Member)
  3. Chief Gbola Olawoyin –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  4. Yomi Olanipekun –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. Gbadebo Adetoyinbo –           Ibadan Youth Front(Member)
  6. Lekan Alade –           Ibadan Youth Front(Member)
  7. Prince Toye Omorilewa –           Ibadan Youth Front(Member)
  8. Alhaji Leye Anifowose –           Ibadan Youth Front(Member)
  9. Bola Sodiq –           Ibadan Youth Front(Member)


Infrastructure Development

  1. Bayo Adigun –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Taiwo Lasisi –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  3. Ayo Oyeniyi –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  4. Tunde Tairu –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. Evang (Dr.) Kunmi Idowu –           OKe’Badan  Elite Lagos (Member)
  6. Pastor Jide Ogundiran –           OKe’Badan  Elite Lagos (Member)
  7. Elder Tunji Oladipupo –           OKe’Badan  Elite Lagos (Member)
  8. Diekola Ojo –           Ibadan Elite Klub 25 (Member)
  9. Kola Olomide –           Ibadan Elite Klub 25 (Member)
  10. Kehinde Fijabi –           Ibadan Elite Club 25 (Member)


Trade and Commerce Development

  1. Alhaji T.O. Aremu –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Lekan Adisa –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  3. Ayo Afolabi –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  4. Demola Alli –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. Elder I.K. Lawal –           Ibadan Progressive Vanguard (Member)
  6. O.J. Akinlabi –           Ibadan Progressive Vanguard (Member)
  7. Alhaji Bolaji Adeleke             –           Ibadan Progressive Vanguard (Member)
  8. Aare Lanre Quadri –           Federation of Ibadan Indigenes (NNPC) Apata(Member)
  9. Ismail Owolabi –           Federation of Ibadan Indigenes (NNPC) Apata (Member)
  10. Adejoke Oyeleke –           Federation of Ibadan Indigenes (NNPC) Apata(Member)


Agricultural Development

  1. Tunde Fawole –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Chief Tunji Adio –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  3. Bayo Olaniyan –           Ibadan Improvement Union (Member)
  4. Niyi Hamzat Gbenla –           Oro Apata Maja Club of Ibadan (Member)


Housing Development

  1. Ayobami Sumonu –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Tunde Olaonipekun –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  3. Akintayo Muali –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  4. Alhaji Ademola Adeyemi –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Member)
  5. TPL Sina Olutade –           Ibadan Action Council (Member)
  6. Olaide Olatinwo –           Ibadan Action Council (Member)
  7. T.A. Lasisi –           Ibadan Action Council (Member)
  8. Rafiu Salami –           IILECAN (Member)
  9. Osuolale Okesanu –           IILECAN (Member)


Duties of Research, Planning and Economic Development Committee – Economic

  • To draw, in collaboration with all stakeholders, 5 – Year Development Plan for CCII.
  • To monitor the plan execution in stages as approved by the Executive Council and General Assembly on yearly basis.
  • To appraise and review the development plan every other year.
  • To suggest ways for CCII to be self-sustaining.
  • To assist Clubs on Entrepreneurship.
  • To advise the General Assembly through the Executive Council on detailed plan for future Capital and Economic Development of Ibadanland.
  • To formulate policies for the development of Ibadanland and to advice CCII on priorities and developments with particular reference to the aim and aspirations of the CCII.
  • To research into Ibadan History and Chieftaincy matters.
  • To prepare a blue print for commercial and industrial development of Ibadanland and to make the results in both soft and hard copies available in Ibadan House Library.
  • To encourage foreign investors and Ibadan Indigenes in diaspora to invest in Ibadanland.
  • To encourage government to open up large Industrial estates in Ibadanland with adequate infrastructural facilities like water, electricity, access roads, security etc.
  • To do a compendium of Ibadan Natural Mineral, Land and human resources and translate into pamphlets and CCII Website for distribution to Embassies at different seminars in Ibadan and in particular Lagos, Abuja and London
  • To identify Training/seminar opportunities from the CBN, DBN, WB, BOA etc. that can support the Economic Development of Ibadanland.
  • Organize Annual Conference of Ibadan Women in Business and also identify CSR opportunities with the different corporate bodies in Ibadan.
  • To organize a 2-day Annual “Ibadan Business and Investment Opportunities Forum” inviting foreign and Local Investors.
  • To organize Annual Ibadan Trade Fair on many sectors – Agric, Works of Arts, Cars, Drinks etc.
  • To contact prominent Investors to invest in Tractors, Caterpillars, Waste Disposal Trucks, Solar Energy etc. while the benefiting communities pay monthly rates.
  • To establish Ibadan Neighbouring Security Watch, 3 months vocational farm projects in the outer Local Government Areas and bring all the stakeholders together – Farmer, Landowner, Government, Research Centres etc.
  • To establish a system for Government/Indigenes Relations Report as response to Government Initiatives on monthly basis.
  • To raise Ibadan City Development Bond/Private Equity to finance the various projects of the CCII.
  • To facilitate opportunities for Bulk purchase of Building Materials, Consumables, Food Items etc. for the benefit of Ibadan people.
  • Create list of 1000 friends of Ibadan among the High Networth Individuals in Nigeria who can invest in Ibadanland.
  • To establish CCII collaboration with Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN), BOI, CBN, BOA, NEXIM, NAICOM, PENCOM, NHIS, NIPC, IFC, World Bank, AFC, ECOWAS, UNIDO, UNICEF, UNCAD, ICMIF, 1st Initiatives, GIZ, Ford Foundation, Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation etc.
  • Scholarship Sub-Committee
  • To distribute “Ibadan Business and Investments Potentials” to all Embassies, Multi-Lateral Agencies, Donor organisations, Federal and State Government Agencies
  • Create Directory of all Business outfits in Ibadan
  • To meet at least once a week
  • Come up with Operational Modalities and Fund Generating Initiatives
  • Members to Drop their Recommendations/suggestions for each Committee at Ibadan House: Committee meeting day with the EXCO is every Thursday
  • Each Committee Chairman/Rep to be ready for progress report at G.A. Meetings