1. President General –           (Chairman)
  2. 1st Vice President General –           (Member)
  3. 2nd Vice President General –           (Member)
  4. Secretary General –           (Member)
  5. Financial Secretary –           (Member)
  6. Alhaji Taiwo Akande –           Jericho Businessmen Club (Member)
  7. Alhaja Kuburat Owoola –           Oluyole Unique Sisters (Member)
  8. Alhaji Olaniyi Sodimu –           Ibadan One Society (Member)
  9. Nasiru Bello –           Club 9’79, Ibadan (Member)
  10. Segun Adeagbo –           Ibadan Club 2005 (Member)
  11. Treasurer –           (Secretary)


Functions of  Finance & General Purposes Committee – Economic

  • To coordinate the sources of funds on behalf of the CCII in the Areas identified under CCII Fund and Project Heads;
  • To consider the implications of various measures proposed on financial matters;
  • To supervise the collection and receipt of all debts and monies due to the CCII;
  • To ensure that proper accounts are kept and audited on quarterly basis;
  • To scrutinize Annual Budget/Estimates and monitor same on quarterly basis;
  • To handle the implementation of CCII projects – Ibadan Artisan College, Ibadan Drivers Institute, Ibadan Security Vanguard, Olubadan Health Centre, Olubadan Market, Olubadan Event Centre, Olubadan Event Gardens, Palace Police Post, Palace Car Park, Olubadan Guest House to generate income for the CCII;
  • To collaborate with State, Local Governments, Constituent Clubs and other stakeholders on environmental sanitation in Ibadanland;
  • To organize events to complete Phases 1 & 2 of Olubadan Palace, through actual fund raising or donation of materials by High Networth Individuals and Corporate Bodies.
  • Establish modalities for mobilizing minimum of N5,000.00 from each employed Ibadan Indigenes towards completion of the Olubadan Palace.
  • To develop a proper pledge (not Anthem) for the people of Ibadanland.
  • To establish the following Institutions and Structures to actualize item 6 above.
  • CCII Ventures and Resources Ltd – to enable CCII engage in Business
  • CCII Private Loan and Venture Capital Trustees – to manage the Loans/Bonds raised to execute 6 above.
  • CCII Microfinance Bank Ltd – To provide soft loans for Ibadan Youths and Women Empowerments Projects.
  • To serve as Board Members of CCII Ventures & Resources Ltd.
  • To package and institutionalize the modalities for the CCII to operate as a community government in full cooperation with the different tiers of government up to the point of attracting subvention from the State Government.
  • To manage the transition of the CCII from a day-to-day Elected-Officers Managed Institution to Appointed-Officers Managed Institution like ICAN, NBA, LCCI, NMA etc.
  • Prevail on the Oyo State Government to dualise Olubadan Palace Road from Queen Elizabeth road to Adeoyo end.
  • Invite a Guest Speaker to deliver 15 minutes Unity Talk at each General Assembly.
  • To perform such other functions as the Executive Council may assign to it.
  • To meet at least once a week
  • Come up with Operational Modalities and Fund Generating Initiatives
  • Members to Drop their Recommendations/suggestions for each Committee at Ibadan House: Committee meeting day with the EXCO is every Thursday
  • Each Committee Chairman/Rep to be ready for progress report at G.A. Meetings.