1. 2nd Vice President General –           (Chairman)
  2. Legal Adviser –           (Member)
  3. Treasurer –           (Member)
  4. Chief Whip –           (Member)
  5. OlujideOsungbaro –           Ibadan Club 2005 (Member)
  6. Chief Bode Mustapha –           Ibadan Klub 10 (Member)
  7. Chief B.A.O. Oladeji –           Oke’badan Union (Member)
  8. Adeoye Adisa –           Ibadan Indigenes Unity Club, Odinjo (Member)
  9. 2nd Assistant Secretary General –           (Secretary)
  10. Alhaji Adegboyega Arulogun –           President General’s Adviser

Duties  Ethics and Values Committee

  • To set behavioural standards that will promote friendly and effective work environment and enforce those approved by the Executive Council;
  • To promote agreed values that will make CCII achieve stated goals, improve work attitudes, esteem one another and generally build resilience of CCII;
  • To investigate cases of indiscipline by any representative of a Constituent Club as may be referred to it from time to time by the Executive Council;
  • To report its findings and recommendations to the Executive Council who would take necessary action as deem fit; and
  • Handle Indiscipline by Club Reps representatives (Intra Club Disputes)
  • Handle dispute among affiliate Club Members.
  • Handle acts of indiscipline (financial/moral) by EXCO, Committee and other members of the Affiliate Clubs.
  • To organize a Unity Talk and Attitudinal Re-Orientation programmes at every General Assembly and Consultative Forum Meeting of the CCII.
  • To invite maximum of 3 Eminent Personalities of Ibadan origin or elsewhere as Guests to each General Assembly Meeting.
  • Come up with Attitudinal Re-Orientation Programmes to institutionalize Trust, Transparency and Accountability in the conduct of the CCII Affairs.
  • To perform such other functions that may be referred to it by the Executive Council
  • To meet at least once a week
  • Come up with Operational Modalities and Fund Generating Initiatives
  • Members to Drop their Recommendations/suggestions for each Committee at Ibadan House: Committee meeting day with the EXCO is every Thursday
  • Each Committee Chairman/Rep to be ready for progress report at G.A. Meetings