1. Engr (Dr.) Jide Fatokun –           Ibadan Action Council (Chairman)
  2. Toun Oyelude –           IDU, UI/Poly (Member)
  3. Taiwo A. Lasisi –           IDU, UI/Poly (Member)
  4. Chief Dipo Gbenro –           Ibadan Club 2005 (Member)
  5. Shittu Musa –           Ibadan Improvement Union (Member)
  6. TAG Oladimeji –           Oke Odo Club (Member)
  7. Deacon Oladeji –           IDU, Ogbomoso (Member)
  8. Chief Adeniyi Adediran –           Oluyole Club of LAUTECH, Ogbomoso (Member)
  9. 2nd Assistant Secretary General –           (Secretary)
  10. Architect Dele Samson –           President General’s Adviser


Duties of Library and Archives Committee – Economic

  • To oversee the running of the Library, and upgrade same to virtual Library.
  • To assist in raising funds for the Library.
  • To commercialize the CCII Library for public use.
  • To welcome donation of books to the Library from all over the world.
  • To welcome grants and donations from Local and Foreign sources to carry out deeper research into the History of Ibadan.
  • Create list of Ibadan Professionals
  • To print a separate book on the history of all the past Kings of Ibadanland and their key progenitor as at date.
  • To erect the mold of Prominent Ibadan Indigenes on the surrounding walls of Ibadan House and get the children/relations to pay for same.
  • To create a compendium of “Rising Stars of Ibadanland” and update same on annual basis.
  • To create a compendium of the EXCO of the CCII, the Achievements, the Tenure, Ibadan Week Planning Committee, etc.
  • To create a compendium of all Ibadan Honourary Chiefs and update same from king to king.
  • To ensure that Library officer catalogues and classifies the collection using the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme.
  • To ensure that the Library acquires and maintains historical materials on Ibadan and its Chieftaincy system.
  • To procure materials on Yoruba cultural heritage and customs for use by all.
  • To ensure there is adequate Library advocacy and marketing e.g. regularly advertising on mass and social media.
  • To engage in activities that will ensure advancement of CCII Library.
  • To document and preserve social activities of CCII and major events on transformation of Ibadanland.
  • To establish and maintain the archives arm of the Library by acquiring, preserving and providing access to the archive materials.
  • By doing all that is necessary to make the CCII’s Library a world standard community Library.
  • To carry out other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Council
  • Commercialize the CCII Library for Public use
  • Establishment integrated Business Centre in the Library.
  • Upgrading the CCII Library to Virtual Library
  • Welcome donation of Books from Indigenes
  • Publish Book on Ibadan History – UI/CCII Project
  • Publish Book on Ibadan Listed Homes and Monuments
  • Publish books on Ibadan Eminent Personalities Group (1915-2015)
  • Create a Directory of all prominent Ibadan Sons and Daughters all over the world.
  • To handle the conversion of the Book- Ibadan History – into Films as Home Video, latest by January 2019.
  • To meet at least once a week
  • Come up with Operational Modalities and Fund Generating Initiatives
  • Members to Drop their Recommendations/suggestions for each Committee at Ibadan House: Committee meeting day with the EXCO is every Thursday
  • Each Committee Chairman/Rep to be ready for progress report at G.A. Meetings