1. Femi Olajide –           Ibadan Solidarity Group (Chairman)
  2. Tunde Olatunji –           Ibadan Progressive Union (Member)
  3. A. A. S. Lawal –           Ibadan Improvement Union (Member)
  4. Tunmise Adeagbo –           The Royal Group (Member)
  5. Pastor (Mrs.) Idowu –           Ibadan Mothers of Peace & Progress (Member)
  6. 2nd Assistant Secretary General –           (Secretary)
  7. Remi Kehinde –           President General’s Adviser
  8. Yinka Olaleye             –           Legacy Stars of Ibadan


Duties of Health Committee – Social

  • To make available at Community/Club level actionable information on such diseases (communicable and non-communicable diseases);
  • To influence Government’s policies on health matters;
  • To mobilize both local and diaspora resources for the health of the disadvantage in Ibadanland;
  • To maintain first aid box in Ibadan House; and
  • To provide necessary medical services in all internal and external CCII’s activities.
  • Volunteer Community Health workers
  • Weekly Environmental Sanitation Monitors
  • Yearly Invitation of Indian “Doctors without Frontiers”
  • Securing used Medical Equipment’s from overseas
  • To sponsor diabetes, cancer, stroke etc. Awareness programmes on quarterly basis
  • Te create a Forum for introduction of Voluntary Sanitary Officers (VSO) in each compound and promote weekly sanitation exercise.
  • To meet at least once a week
  • Come up with Operational Modalities and Fund Generating Initiatives
  • Members to Drop their Recommendations/suggestions for each Committee at Ibadan House: Committee meeting day with the EXCO is every Thursday
  • Each Committee Chairman/Rep to be ready for progress report at G.A. Meetings